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Have you heard of the Scottish Approach to Service Design? And if so, what does it mean to you?

Participants might have also mentioned it while answering other questions.

We spoke with practitioners who had different degrees of awareness about the Scottish Approach to Service Design (SAtSD).

Some of them had:

Summary of findings

These insights come from our 15 remote interviews and one online workshop. You can see them:

View the analysis, clusters and quotes

On Miro

See the "SAtSD" theme on Miro Board

On the website

Note that a lot of insights are related to another theme “Working with people”. It’s not surprising, this is the aim of the approach.

Some information about the Scottish Approach to Service Design (SAtSD)

"When we started this, we just called it The Scottish Approach to Service Design, because civil servants in Scottish government had a philosophy called the Scottish Approach to Government and I was trying to explain to them why design connected to how they thought, so I connected the two things and it stuck." - Cat Macaulay, Chief Design Officer at The Scottish Government

The quote above comes from this video of Cat Macaulay's talk at the Accessibility Scotland conference in November 2019 - worth a watch!

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Last updated: 20 Apr 2022