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UX Edinburgh Meetup - Monday 04 April 2022

We presented our project. You can access the slides we used on the day.

UX Glasgow Meetup - Wednesday 03 March 2021

We presented the project during their Special Service Design event.

Learn more about the event.

You will find lots of resources about service design on that page as well.

SDS Gathering - Guests co-creators on Thursday 4 February 2021

illustration used on Eventbrite and social media to announce the event

Write up about the gathering (Medium post).


We were invited to talk about the project on the UX Soup podcast in April 2022.

Listen to the episode. There is also a transcript if you prefer.


We are going to try to produce more of them as a different way to present the data.

For now, just two, to explain the big Miro board showing all our insights over the five themes

Quick tour of the Miro board

Analysis overview

First workshop - Tuesday 2 February 2021 - Exploring contributions and challenges

illustration — map of Scotland and in front 5 people with a jigsaw piece and miro board of activities for the workshop

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