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We are providing summaries of insights and analysis to make is easier for anyone interesed in this research to read about it but also to use it to explore further. We aim to finish by the end of 2021. Watch this place!

Initially, we used Medium Posts and Miro to share our research. This website is an attempt to show it differently.

5 Themes

After the first phase of analysis, 5 themes emerged:

  1. Service design work and contributions
  2. Scottish Approach to Service Design (SAtSD)
  3. Working with people
  4. Skills and Learning
  5. Service design community

For each theme, there are general insights and we have grouped the challenges seperately on Miro as well as the aspirations for the future.

diagram illustrating how our data is structured on Miro

Explore a theme

In the navigation menu you can select a theme. You then land on the introduction page for it. From there, you can access the other pages: General, Challenges and Future.

showing the 2 steps with screenshots of the website

Different level of detail

Within each theme, there are sub-themes and for each of them, you will find a list of clusters of insights.

If you want to learn more about a specific one, select it:

little video as a gif showing what happen when you select the triangle to see the quotes then select again to hide them

It’s an attempt to make all our data more accessible but we do realise it’s still very complex.

We are open to suggestions and welcome feedback.

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