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We are four service designers living and working in Scotland passionate about our practice and with the aim of bringing the service design community together by sharing experiences and learnings and discussing the future.

We were initially three, but Vinishree joined later when we opened up to others when we started the analysis phase.

You can get in touch with us individually on the Service Design in Scotland Slack for example or the Public Sector Design in Scotland Slack, on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Angela F. Orviz

She has a mixed background in engineering and innovation/service design. She has been in Scotland since 2009, primarily working as an academic doing research and consultancy. In 2020, she finished a PhD looking at how people in Public Sector learn and evaluate design.

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Serena Nüsing

She currently works as a service designer for Scottish Government. She came to Scotland in 2018 to do her masters. She is particularly interested in co-creation and innovation in the public sector using a user-centred design approach.

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Stéphanie Krus

She works for Sopra Steria as a service designer. She came to Scotland in 2005. Her background is in teaching and computing initially. She never really studied service design as such, but has learned by doing, in previous roles, in a council and at the Ministry of Justice.

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Vinishree Verma

She comes with a background in architecture, industrial design and service design. She is keen on developing circular economy strategies for low carbon solutions through her initiative - Around Zero, and works as a service designer in Scotland.

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